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3 day Upcycling Workshop at AMD

I just had the privilege of leading a three-day Upcycling Workshop at the Akademie Mode & Design Berlin, in the context of teaching their students about sustainability. With a focus on transforming old garments into unique pieces of fashion, the workshop brought together twenty participants eager to explore creativity and give a second life to pieces they weren't wearing anymore. On the video below you can see what the workshop looked like.

Over the course of six hours each day, participants dove into the world of upcycling, learning necessary techniques and design principles to create new pieces. From simple alterations to innovative repurposing, every step was an opportunity for exploration and expression.

On the final day, they showcased their transformed garments, sharing stories of inspiration and ingenuity. This was also meant as inspiration for everyone, to really appreciate the full potential of creativity. All the pieces they created were incredibly unique, and they got to learn how to see clothing and its industry with different eyes.

Slide on the gallery below to see the amazing results!

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