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Creative Team Building for Jetbrains

Recently I had the fantastic opportunity to, along with my colleagues Therapy and Elise, host one of the Jetbrains´ team building activities at Insel Kulturhaus in Treptow, a beautiful location overlooking the Spree. Jetbrains wanted something special for their summer event, so we set up two open tables – one for sewing and one for jewellery crafting.

team building activity jet brains jewellery crafting

Upcycling Merchandise

At the sewing station, participants would transform the Jetbrains t-shirts, sewing them into stylish new tops or reusable bags, promoting sustainability and creativity.

Jewellery Crafting

The jewellery table featured kits for making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Team members designed and created unique pieces, enjoying a hands-on, creative experience.

team building activity jet brains jewellery crafting

The Benefits of Creative Team Building

For three hours, both tables were buzzing. The beautiful thing is that everyone enjoyed a refreshing break from their usual office routine, engaging in:

  • Boosted Creativity: Crafting stimulates innovative thinking.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Working together on projects improves communication.

  • Promoted Sustainability: Upcycling aligns with eco-friendly values.

  • Stress Relief: Hands-on activities reduce stress and boost well-being.

team building activity berlin

Plan Your Creative Team Building Event in Berlin

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a creative team building activity to suit your company's needs. Whether it's upcycling old merch or crafting beautiful jewellery, we can help make your next team event a success!

Photos by Nadine Stenzel

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