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Revibe + Project Glitter: Upcycling into Body Jewellery

I'm very excited to share the incredible results of the very first edition of Revibe Workshop: Upcycled Party Outfits, that recently took place at Project Glitter's HQ. We focused on upcycling into body jewellery and accessories.

upcycling belts and broken jewellery into festival and party body accessories with Projekt Glitter

This unique workshop is our creative lovechild, an idea born from the shared passions with my dear friend and colleague, Jeen Low (founder of Projekt Glitter). Our mutual love for DIY, circular fashion, creativity, music, and partying, brought this concept to life, inspiring participants to transform everyday items into stunning pieces of body jewellery for parties and festivals.

The workshop vibe was very laid-back and interactive as participants, under our personalised guidance, repurposed items like belts, necklaces, bag straps, and broken jewellery into one-of-a-kind festival collars and body jewellery. It was a vivid reminder of how overlooked or discarded materials can be creatively given a new purpose, look at these amazing designs:

We're already planning future workshops, events and collaborations as we continue to explore innovative and fun ways to promote sustainable fashion, and most importantly, keep working together with Jeen cause we love it. Stay tuned and feel free to reach out if you have any questions, proposals or ideas! We're always looking for new projects together :)

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