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Upcycled Accessories Workshop w. Therapy Recycle and Exorcise

upcycled jewellery accessories workshop with therapy berlin photos by max khundadze

During July's Fashion Week 2023, Therapy and I hosted our first Upcycled Accessories Workshop, a creative mix we came up with to join forces and offer something different. This event, incredibly captured by our dear neighbour Max Khundadze, was designed for people to look at their jewellery with different eyes.

The workshop's goal was simple: to transform discarded materials into unique, original, and statement accessories which represented each one of the participant's unique style. 

We taught them some jewellery making skills, gave them tools and some ideas, and on they went with their designs. They worked with jewellery that was broken, old, didn't fit their style anymore, or that was just too simple: rings, earrings, necklaces, chokers, chains, etc. Look how original their creations were, we were so happy with their results!

After the workshop, we then moved to out local Späti where we held an exhibition as the second part of our event for Fashion Week. Check out the next blog post to see what we did!

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