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"Späti Styling": Our Version of Berlin Fashion Week 2023

Being studio mates, friends, and both working in upcycling in different ways, Therapy and I hosted an event on the streets of our dear Kiez by Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg. This was our way of bringing Berlin Fashion Week to the streets with our message and vision.

therapy berlin Josefina Studio

The Concept

We wanted to show that fashion isn't just about fancy brands and fashion shows, it's also about appreciating the value in what already exists and giving it a new lease on life - in the form of stylish one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories pieces.

fashion upcycling kinky festival party outfit berlin

The Location

At our studio, beautiful as it is, we’re not allowed to host events. So we hit the neighbourhood and knocked on doors in search for a venue. That’s how Netpoint Spätimarkt, the Späti on our corner, opened their arms (and outdoor space) to our idea. Best outcome ever.

späti berlin fashion week 2023 exhibition

The Exhibition

Each piece we showcased had a sign which told the story behind it: where it came from, what it used to be, how it was transformed and for what purpose. We aimed to educate and inspire guests and neighbours about the greatness of the circular economy, and the limitless possibilities of upcycling fashion.

berlin fashion week 2023 exhibition kreuzberg

The Styling

We set up a Photo Booth, encouraging everyone to try on the upcycled pieces. The vibe was so chilled and fun, just hanging at the Späti with friends, and everyone would try on their favourite pieces from the racks and get cool photos from their friends and our photographers. All these incredible photos are by Nicole Fiser.

The Highlight

One of the highlights of the event was definitly athe fact that this lovely couple rode their bikes all the way from Charlottenburg for our event. They had seen it listed on the Fashion Week site and were super excited about the idea of trying on everything and getting photos. Their enthusiasm and support really captured the spirit of our event, showing how upcycling fashion can bring people together and create memorable experiences.

Go to instagram to see the video recap!

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