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Sustainable Fashion at Vinokilo Event

I was booked by Vinokilo to take part in their event at the spectacular location Zenner in the heart of Treptower Park. Vinokilo is a kilo sale that hosts events all over Europe, and this time, in one of their summer editions in Berlin, they reached out to me to be one of their activities at the market.

asymmetric skirt upcycling vinokilo

The Sustainable Fashion Event

Vinokilo events are known for their vibrant atmosphere and amazing selection of second-hand clothing sold by weight. At this event, I offered "Upcycling on the Spot," bringing my sewing machine and tools to transform clothes for people buying at the market. Throughout the afternoon, I had several intrigued people coming by, they were super open to suggestions and excited to play with the pieces from the market.

What is Upcycling?

To my surprise, not many people knew what upcycling meant. Upcycling is the process of creatively transforming old or discarded materials into something new and useful, often adding value and unique character to the items. Unlike simple alterations, upcycling involves innovative changes that give a fresh twist to existing pieces. This is part of what's considered sustainable fashion, showcased at an event.

pant upcycling into skirt

Educating Opportunity

One of the highlights was educating second-hand shoppers about upcycling. Many were intrigued by the concept and eager to learn that they could transform their thrift finds into unique, personalized items. It was rewarding to see their excitement and to inspire them to think creatively about their wardrobe choices. Literally, this is why I love what I do :)

Josefina Coll studio berlin vinokilo

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