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Set and Costume Design for Parookaville Festival

Project Glitter contacted me to work on a big set and costume design project for Parookaville Festival. The project consisted in designing a glitter bar that would be the main attraction on the rooftop of Vodka Gorbatschow’s massive icebreaker ship, produced by Zurich based PR agency Jeff.

My role included designing the costumes, creating the set along with Jeen (Projekt Glitter’s founder), and being one of the glitter artists on set wearing my costumes. The challenge was to blend the ship's ice theme with vibrant glitter, creating a functional and visually stunning experience for festival-goers to get glittered up.

Costume Design

For the glitter artists' costumes, I created outfits that were not only visually striking, going with the client’s concept and aestherics, but also comfortable and durable for 3 days of work:

  • Stretchy Light Blue Top: To keep the artists comfortable and stylish.

  • Comfy Elasticated Shorts: Enhanced with layers of transparent and glittery organza for a flowy look.

  • Shoulder Pads with Beads: Attached with chains to a neck piece, adding an extra layer of sparkle.

  • Tiaras/Necklaces with Chains and Beads: Completing the icy, glittery theme.

Event Highlight

The highlight of this set and costume design festival project was that it was my first big project in Berlin. Being able to collaborate with such professional people as Jeff Agency and, in the process, gaining valuable friends was truly special. We had so much fun working together, and seeing the completed set and costumes come to life at the festival was incredibly rewarding. The glitter bar became a hit, drawing crowds and adding to the vibrant atmosphere of Parookaville.

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